In this session, participants will be presented with an overview on how SST adopts the Google Suite into its 1-to-1 ICT-enabled environment, with the GoogleSite and blogs as the backbone of the virtual infrastructure.

Through the hands-on session, participants will learn how the departments select and use the various GoogleApps (including Google+) to support the learning programmes, in the form of learning activities carried out synchronously and asynchronously.

To begin....

1. Please login to your GMail account.

2. Go to our workshop blog http://sst-hci2014.blogspot.sg/

3. Some of the materials will be parked in the GoogleDrive.

Activity 1(A): GoogleForm & GoogleSpreadsheet


Reference for discussion: Pre-Workshop Survey and the data collected from the respondents.
  • Features used in the GoogleForm
  • "Organsiation" of data/ information gathered
How could we transfer some of these ideas into our subject area (narrow down to a topic)?

Enter your ideas in "Comments".
  • Subject (Level)
  • What are feature(s) of the Googleform you think is going to be useful?
  • How you/ your students could use the data/ information gathered (in the spreadsheet) during the lesson?

Activity 1(B): Let's Create

Building on the idea that you generated in Activity 1(A), let's create a GoogleForm that would enable you to carry out intended activity.

(1) Planning
  • Let's structure and pen down what are the items to be included
  • Questions (order, type of responses)
  • How do you intend to use responses (for discussion, for students interpretation)
  • Administrative matters (name, class)

(2) Creating
  • Create the GoogleForm in the GoogleDrive that is shared with you.
  • The following should be reflected in the title of the Form: Subject, Level, Topic 
    • (e.g. Mathematics, Sec 1, Linear Functions) 
  • Share this Form and the Spreadsheet (that captures the data) by completing the the GoogleForm below

Click HERE to view spreadsheet.

Activity 1(C): Go straight to GoogleSpreadsheet!

We create forms to gather inputs and refer to the spreadsheet for further discussions.

Can we 'skip' the form and go straight to use GoogleSpreadsheet for learning activities?
Let's discuss HERE.

Activity 2(A): Google+

Google+ is a social networking platform that is similar to...
However, when you take a closer look... you would be able to tell some differences...

Activity 2(B): Google+ Community

Google+ Community is...

Making connections...

Exploration 1:

Let's explore this Google+ Community: Technology Bites @ SST (Staff)
  • What are some features that look familiar to you?
  • What are some features that you think are useful?

Exploration 2:

Let's leave some 'footprints' in the Google+ Community: Sharing @ HCI 2014

Posting #1:

  • Identify a video clip related to your subject and post it in the community. 
  • Tag the video clip accordingly.

Posting #2:
  • Upload an image that describes your 'mood' at this moment - your response to technologies we have explored in this session. Include a one-to-two sentence description.
  • Tag the post accordingly.

Share your thoughts in the following:

1. What are the possibilities for learning activities/ programme?

2. Make are comparison with the existing practices (or platforms). 

  • What are some things that G+ community offers but the existing platforms do not?
  • What are the things that you could do in the existing platforms yet not in G+?

Activity 2(C): Google+ Event

Google+ Event is used for...

Visit the following events:

What's impression you have about "G+ Event" after this first exploration?

Let's compare... G+ Event vs G+ Community: When to use which?
  • limitations 
  • advantages
How does one complement the other?
What are some possibilities of using G+ Event for learning?